PTO Drive Shaft Tube

A PTO drive shaft tube serves as a metal cylindrical encasement for the drive gear. This material provides additional reinforcement for the drive shaft.


A PTO drive shaft tube serves as a metal cylindrical encasement for the drive gear. This material provides additional reinforcement for the drive shaft and is available in domestic (North American) and metric (European) profile shapes. Domestic tubing is typically square, rectangular, or round. Alternatively, tubing made for Italian and German-style machines can be found at HZPT. Both domestic and metric tubing are available in trilobed or lemon shapes.

The easiest way to determine the correct PTO drive shaft tube is to measure the diameter of the u-joint caps at the tractor end. These can be easily measured by measuring the outer diameter of the u-joint cap. Make sure to measure the u-joints end-to-end, both ways. When comparing measurements, match the results to the standardized sizing chart.

Tractor PTO Shaft Tubing Sizes

Triangular PTO Shaft Tubing

When it comes to purchasing Triangular PTO Shaft Tubing for your tractor, there are a few things to consider. While the size and shape of the shafting will vary, the cross-kit and bearing cap diameters are almost always uniform, so removing the cross-kit from the yoke may help you find the right PTO shaft. Using calipers is another helpful tool. You can use them to measure the end-to-end diameter of the tractor pto shaft universal joint, as well as the internal diameter of the yoke ears. Then, match the measurements to the cross and bearing identification chart.

In addition to the Triangular PTO Shaft Tubing, there are other types of PTO Shaft Tubing available for purchase. The triangular PTO shaft tubing is popular for constant-velocity PTO drivelines, while the lemon-shaped design is best for standard drivelines. A star-shaped profile tube, on the other hand, is popular for its multiple contact faces.

Triangular Pto Shaft Tubing

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft Tubing

If you’re working on a tractor with a lemon-shaped PTO shaft, you must take safety measures to avoid injury. It is very important to select the right driveline for your tractor. You must avoid over-telescoping the shaft. You must also be careful when adjusting slip clutches because they may not be working properly, exposing you to a lemon-shaped PTO shaft.

There are several different types of lemon-shaped PTO shaft tubing. Most of them feature an internal or external snap ring. The snap ring is typically located in a yoke or bushing. The yokes, which are connected to the PTO shaft, can be either rounded or squared. The measurements of the driveline can help you determine which kind of lemon-shaped PTO shaft you need.

To determine whether your PTO shaft is North American or metric, you need to know its shape. If it’s square or round, it’s probably North American. If it’s star-shaped or trilobed, it’s probably Italian or German. In general, a lemon-shaped PTO shaft is made of a special alloy called ‘Lemon Yellow’. However, the same alloy is used in both Italian-style and metric drivelines.

Lemon Drive Shaft Tubes

Star Tube PTO Shaft

If you own a large tractor or large-scale farming equipment, the Star Tube PTO Shaft can be an important component in your tractor. The star-shaped tube is often used for tractor attachments. It will help you control the speed and torque of the PTO with ease. The heavy-duty nature of this part will help it withstand a great deal of stress, so you should not ignore it. To determine if the Star Tube PTO Shaft is damaged, you should check the serial number on the shaft.

The cross and bearing kit is located at the tractor’s end of the driveline. Use calipers to measure the diameters of the yoke ears and the u-joint caps. Measure the cross-kit end-to-end both ways to ensure that the correct PTO shaft is selected. Once you have the correct measurements, refer to the cross and bearing identification chart. If the two numbers match, the Star Tube PTO Shaft will be easier to install.

If you’re in the market for a new PTO shaft, you should make sure that you’ve matched the correct model to your tractor’s driveline series. Otherwise, the wrong shaft could cause damage to your tractor, attached implement, or both. This problem is easily remedied by shortening the length of the shaft.

Star Tube Pto Shaft Tubing Sizes

Rectangular/Square PTO Shaft Tubing

There are two types of power take-off (PTO) shafts: square/rectangular and splined. Square/rectangular PTO shafts have a square or rectangular profile, while the metric drivelines have a star or bell-shaped tube. The other type of PTO shaft is rectangular and has multiple contact surfaces.

A power take-off shaft is the best choice for equipment that doesn’t experience sudden halts. This type of PTO shaft is typically used in mowing, shredding, and plowing. For a large mower, a yoke-to-yoke arrangement can be used. If you want a shorter PTO shaft, you can also use a yoke-to-yoke arrangement.

A yoke is a connector that connects to a tractor’s PTO. It connects the tractor’s driveline to the yoke attachment. A yoke is made from metal, and there are two types: metric and domestic. They have usually labeled 6 or 20 splines. You can identify which one you need by examining the inside of the collar and the connection on the tractor.

Square PTO Drive Shaft Tubing

Hexagonal PTO Shaft Tube

If you’re looking to replace your current PTO shaft, you may want to consider purchasing a replacement hexagonal PTO shaft. This type of shaft is easier to install and maintain than other types of drivelines and is ideal for tractors and other large machinery. These tubes are made of high-quality aluminum alloys that last for several years. While the actual size of the driveline can vary, the following picture should help you find the right part.

Hexagonal Dive Shaft Tubes

PTO Shaft Tube Profiles

Pto Drive Shaft Tube ProfilesPto Drive Shaft Tube Profiles

How is PTO Drive Shaft Tube Measured?

How is PTO Drive Shaft Tube Measurement Performed? If you’re unsure how to measure your drive shaft tube, consider the following methods. Here is guidance on how to measure your PTO drive shaft tube. To determine the size of your PTO drive shaft tube, locate the cross and bearing kit. Use calipers to measure the inside and outside diameters of the u-joint cap and the yoke ear. Also, measure both sides of the cross-kit tube to determine its width. Then, compare your measurements with the cross and bearing identification chart.

Agricultural equipment wears out quickly, and a PTO drive shaft is no exception. Excessive angles can damage the yoke ears. When lubrication is insufficient, telescoping tubing can also suffer excessive wear. Shield bearings are particularly susceptible to undue wear if they don’t receive sufficient lubrication. Make sure you lubricate your PTO drive shaft tubes as often as possible to minimize their risk of failure.

There are two types of metric and domestic tubes. Domestic tubing is rectangular in shape, while metric tubing is star, bell, or lemon-shaped. Then, you select the correct tube length and shape for your equipment. After that, you can begin replacing your driveline. After you’ve selected the proper length and shape of the tube, it’s time to measure your PTO drive shaft.

Pto Drive Shaft Tubing

Drive Shaft Tube Material

When you’re in the market of PTO shafts, you need to consider the materials used. If you’re going to use a welded drive shaft, you’ll want to choose a drive shaft tube material that’s as strong as possible. Fortunately, there are many choices available, and it’s important to remember that not all materials are created equal. Listed below are some options to consider.

Drive shaft tube material can vary greatly depending on the application. Steel is the most popular material, but there are also high-performance alloys, including carbon fiber. Steel is heavy, increasing the load on your drivetrain. High-performance alloys are much lighter, and carbon fiber is the lightest drive shaft material. At HZPT, we offer a large variety of material choices. For your specific needs, we can customize a drive shaft with any type of material you need.
High-strength steel for drive shaft tubes is another option. This material incorporates a combination of precipitation strength and grain refining. Both of these methods use low carbon content, which is less than 1%. Additionally, these materials contain niobium and titanium. These elements are used to refine ferrite crystal grain. In addition to carbon, a high-strength vehicle axle tube material is another option.

Agricultural Gearbox for PTO Shaft

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