540 to 1000 PTO Drive Shaft With Slip Clutch

The slip clutch on 540 to 1000 PTO drive shafts will prevent costly damage to implements and the tractor. The PTO slip clutch will reduce the amount of damage to your tractor and equipment.


540 to 1000 PTO Drive Shaft With Slip Clutch

The PTO slip clutch is a torque limiting device that limits the amount of torque transferred from the tractor to the implement when too much torque is applied. Both sides of the PTO shaft are rotated at different speeds by sliding or freewheeling. We are a mature PTO drive shaft with a slip clutch supplier in China. Our high-quality slip clutch PTO shafts protect your gearbox and tractor from damage.

What is the Purpose of Slip Clutch on PTO Drive Shaft?

A slip clutch for a PTO shaft serves as an extra safety line in PTO-driven machinery. This clutch reduces the risk of damage by preventing excessive force from moving up the line. Most commonly, a slip clutch is used on rotary tilling attachments. The slip clutch will prevent costly damage to implements and the tractor. The PTO slip clutch will reduce the amount of damage to your tractor and equipment.

A PTO slip clutch is an important safety component for many applications. It works as a safety line between PTO-driven machinery and other parts of the tractor. When it fails, the slip clutch allows power to pass through but not the attachment. It is most often used for rotary tilling attachments. Fortunately, these clutches are easy to install and maintain. Nevertheless, the benefits of a slip clutch far outweigh its disadvantages.

PTO Drive Shaft with Slip Clutch


Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Specification

Drive Shaft Parts & Power Transmission
Kinds of Tractors & Farm Implements
Yoke Type
Double push pin, Bolt pins, Split pins, Pushpin, Quick release, Ball attachment, Collar…..
Processing Of Yoke
Plastic Cover
YW; BW; YS; BS; Etc
Green; Orange; Yellow; Black Ect.
T1-T10; L1-L6;S6-S10;10HP-150HP with SA,RA,SB,SFF,WA,CV Etc
Tube Type
Lemon, Triangular, Star, Square, Hexangular, Spline, Special Ect
Processing Of Tube
Cold drawn
Spline Type
1 1/8″ Z6;1 3/8″ Z6; 1 3/8″ Z21 ;1 3/4″ Z20; 1 3/4″ Z6; 8-38*32*6 8-42*36*7; 8-48*42*8;
Place of Origin


Features and Functions of Tiller PTO Shaft with Slip Clutch

Considering the various features and functions of a PTO drive shaft with a slip clutch? Here are some options to choose from: Power plates, friction disks, and slip clutches. Then, decide what’s best for your specific tractor. As a professional PTO shaft supplier and manufacturer, we can help you to choose the best type of clutch for your PTO drive shaft. If you’re still not sure, consider reading our guide to friction disks or power plates.

Power plates

A power plate is a pivoting piece that introduces power into a stationary slip clutch. The power plate rotates inside the PTO shaft clutch body covers and is made of high carbon steel, making it rustproof and durable. The power plates of PTO shaft clutch contain springs that provide flex and flexibility to the entire mechanism. The bolts pass through the springs, applying pressure to them and increasing friction inside the PTO shaft clutch. While replacing a slip clutch, be sure to remove the PTO shaft and turn the PTO off before removing the friction plates.

Tractor PTO slip clutches are made of a high-quality steel material with a smooth black surface. They are ideally suited for heavy-duty operations. Their large roller bearings and sheave mounted between them allow maximum equipment potential. Moreover, they are easy to install and eliminate potential dangers associated with transmission. The slip clutch is a reliable and versatile power transmission tool that protects the PTO shaft.

Friction plates

Aftermarket slip clutches are a good choice for many applications. They are comprised of two spring-compressed clutch plates on the PTO drive shaft and are designed to transmit power to implements. They also slip when an obstruction is encountered, preventing shock loads from being transmitted.

Friction disks

A slip clutch is an effective way to prevent the PTO drive shaft from damaging the slip clutch. It works by limiting the amount of torque the PTO can generate. There are two main types of slip clutches, the first type is commonly known as the friction disk clutch and the second type is called the shear pin clutch. A slip clutch is a torque limiting device that has a braking mechanism, while a shear pin is a bolt or pin that is meant to break under a certain amount of torque. If the user is unable to release the clutch, a shear pin will break, creating a fail-safe disconnect. This fail-safe disconnect means that the user will need to remove the auger before turning the PTO back on again.

Another type of slip clutch is the single-stage type. These clutches are typically used in medium-to-heavy-duty rotary cutters. They consist of two friction discs sandwiched between three pressure plates. They are located on the implement end of the PTO drive shaft and connect to the tractor output shaft. Friction disks for PTO drive shaft with slip clutch.

PTO Shaft Slip ClutchSlip Clutch on PTO Shaft


Replacing Friction Plates on Slip Clutch PTO Shaft

If you’re replacing the friction plates on your PTO drive shaft, you’ll need to make sure the slip clutch is disconnected. The PTO drive shaft slip clutch is responsible for preventing power from flowing through the PTO drive shaft. However, the friction plates can wear out and need to be replaced. Here’s how to replace them. Follow these simple steps. Make sure that the slip clutch is disconnected, too.

To adjust the slip clutch, loosen the bolts on the friction plates. Use a paintbrush or permanent marker to mark the position of the clutch plates. When the clutch plates are lining up correctly, they’ll be straight. When the PTO drives the slip clutch, the line will break. If you notice the line is not straight, you need to adjust the clutch. Tightening the bolts too much will shorten the friction plates.


Using a PTO Slip Clutch

If your tractor is equipped with a slip clutch, it may be necessary to adjust the springs to prevent the PTO shaft from slipping. If the springs are tight, the clutch should not slip. When the springs are loose, the PTO shaft will slip, which can shorten the life of the friction plates. In some cases, the plates may rust and seize. PTO slip clutches are used on heavy-duty brush cutters and rotary tilling attachments. They can also be used on hole diggers if the tractor is equipped with this attachment.

In a stationary slip clutch, a power plate spins within the clutch body covers. It is made of high carbon steel, which makes it rust-resistant and sturdy. It also features springs, which add flexibility to the whole mechanism. The springs are connected to the PTO shaft by bolts, which pass through them. This increases the friction inside the clutch. The length of the bolt is exposed on the PTO side, while the friction plates are left without holes.

Moreover, it should be placed on the equipment side of the PTO shaft. Never attach the slip clutch to the tractor side. The exposed springs can pose a safety hazard to the driver. Once the PTO clutch is repositioned correctly, the PTO shaft will resume transferring 100% of torque. It is important to keep the PTO equipment away from dead varmints and rocks. Once it is installed, it should be tightened to prevent slippage.

If your tractor does not have a slip clutch, we can offer high-quality PTO Shafts with a slip clutch at low prices. Our tractor PTO slip clutches will last for a long time and can protect the agricultural gearbox and are recommended for series 6 driveline shafts.

When the PTO shaft is engaged, the gearbox input shaft should catch up with the PTO shaft. Moreover, the input shaft should match the PTO shaft speed. The reverse process is also effective. If it doesn’t, check your PTO shaft torque by tightening the clutch nuts. You can then engage the PTO clutch again. This process will ensure that the PTO shaft and gearbox are engaged and match speed.

If you are using a PTO slip clutch to avoid rotovating your tractor, you should make sure to grease the shaft. It will prevent excessive wear on the drive shaft and help extend its life. You will notice the difference when you start a PTO shaft without grease. The resistance that you notice is due to the friction between the two. But this resistance will not stop your tractor from continuing on. That’s because the friction between the two components is so strong.

540 to 1000 PTO Shaft with Slip Clutch