W 2200 series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

W 2200 series PTO Shaft

  • CE marking available
  • Max. dynamic capacity 540 rpm: 20 kW, 335 Nm
  • Max. dynamic capacity 1,000 rpm: 31 kW, 295 Nm
  • Values at working angle 5° and service life 1000 hours


W 2200 series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

W 2200 series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

  • Lubrication frequency from 50 to 100 hours
  • Fulfilling the requirements laid out in EC 89/392 EEC
  • Compliant with EN12965 safety standard
  • CE marking available
  • Max. dynamic capacity 540 rpm: 20 kW, 335 Nm
  • Max. dynamic capacity 1,000 rpm: 31 kW, 295 Nm
  • Values at working angle 5° and service life 1000 hours

Specifications Of W 2200 Series PTO shaft

Connection outside diameter tractor side 1-3/8 Inch
Connection number of splines/grooves by tractor side 6
Consists of
  • Pto shaft with shield and slip clutch K32B (60 daNm)
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Instruction manual
Locking type by tractor side Collar lock
Attachment tractor side Quick disconnect yoke
Connection Ø machine side 1-3/8 Inch
Connection number of splines/grooves by machine side 6
Locking type by machine side Collar lock
Attachment machine side Radial pin clutch
Size code W2200
Length 710 mm
Power per 540 rpm 20 kW
Power per 1000 rpm 31 kW
Cross joint cap diameter tractor side 24 mm
Cross joint length tractor side 61 mm
Cross joint cap diameter machine side 24 mm
Cross joint length machine side 61 mm
Clutch type K32B
Max clutch torque 600 N·m
Outer tube profile  1
Outer tube wall thickness 3 mm
Outer tube large outside diameter 48 mm
Inner tube profile Ov
Inner tube wall thickness 4 mm
Inner tube large outside diameter 40 mm
Profile tube shape
Max static torque 1850 N·m

Tractor PTO Shaft Assemblies and Replacement Parts

Tractor PTO shaft: If you are looking for a complete assembly, we have you covered. We offer a large selection of North American-designed and Italian-designed PTO driveshafts in the length and spline configuration you need.
CV PTO Assembly: The CV (Constant Velocity) PTO shaft can be used with most tractors and implements. These products balance the power input and shaft output of the tractor to provide greater stability when engaged.
Cross and Bearing Kit: The Cross and Bearing Kit is the universal joint that forms the heart of the PTO driveshaft system. This part is the point of power distribution from the PTO components to the connected equipment.
Half-Shaft Assemblies: We have a wide variety of 48″ and 60″ Weasler Axle PTO Assemblies. Center and shaft end length assemblies are available in square and rectangular design options.
Additional Components: If your PTO shaft parts start to show signs of wear, save money on new components by replacing individual components. We have a huge range of new guards and guard bearings, inner and outer tubes, yokes, pins, and universal clutches.

How does the PTO Shaft work?

How does the PTO Shaft work
Much agricultural equipment lacks independent power, which is where the tractor PTO comes in.

Each end of the PTO shaft has connections to the tractor and machine. The tractor PTO shaft is operated with a simple switch and can rotate between 540 and 1,000 RPM, depending on the equipment. When engaged, the shaft draws power and torque from the tractor transmission to give your implement just the right amount of power to get you to work.

PTO shafts come in different sizes, and you’ll need to find one that matches the coupling on the equipment you’re towing. Attaching your tool to the tractor should be easy. If you have to lift the device off the ground to attach the shaft or the shaft is too long, forcing the connection can damage both. If you have an existing PTO shaft handy, it’s easy to confirm your length. Close it and measure from PTO yoke to yoke.

PTO Shaft and Agricultural Gearbox

Agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft: These components work together to transfer mechanical power between farm tractors. A PTO shaft converts engine energy into hydraulic pressure. This is what allows the tractor to pull heavy loads. When properly functioning, it reduces the risk of damage to the tractor and to the operator. When used properly, it is an important component of a tractor, but it can also become defective. When choosing an agricultural gearbox, consider the durability and mechanism of the product, as well as its materials. A durable gearbox will last for many years, avoiding repeated replacements. A high-quality agricultural gearbox will be durable for many years to come, and you don’t want to end up replacing it for a while. This can be costly, so consider your needs when purchasing an agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft. HZPT offers PTO shafts and agricultural gearboxes wholesale at low prices! Contact us now if you are interested!

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