Aluminum Casing Motor Speed Gear Reducer Worm Gearbox

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Merchandise Description

JCPT Gearboxes

Design Electricity
Transmission ratio

Rotate speed


Output torque
(N. m)
RV30-150 .06-fifteen five-a hundred 14-280 five-1800


  1. It is look is “sq. box” composition
  2. Stunning physical appearance
  3. Tiny quantity
  4. Speedy warmth-dispersion
  5. Flexible use and installation


  • Worm and gear pairs undertake precision machining, manufacturing and gearing test, guarantee JCPTd transmission, low temperature increase, tiny sounds, high-performance and lengthy lifespan.
  • Enter and output parts undertake specific and neat processing, no rust and higher-stop.
  • The gearbox adopts exceptional bearing transmission parts and sealing aspects, resilient and no-leakage.
  • Continuously variable transmission and worm gear reducer use cooperatively, which can change output rotate speed in masses and recognize repeatedly variable transmission.

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